Types of Pump Tracks


Race Track

If the client wishes, we can design standard sized pump tracks to fulfil all requirements to host world-class events when the time arises. For example, our tracks are exclusively used to host the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships. Throughout the remaining time, the tracks remains accessible to riders of all skill levels, as well as to any kind of wheeled sports including skateboard (long and short), BMX, scooters, balance bikes or inline skates. The designs allow for multiple continuous laps without rejoining the start hill, thus riders are able to create the exertion desired, e.g. equivalent to a lap of an Olympic BMX race track or a mountain bike downhill trail.

Jump Lines

Jump Lines.jpg
Kids Track.jpg

Kids Track

Action packed, yet safe. Similar to a standard pump track, this kids pump track brings the same benefits, but has a design that is tailored to smaller, younger users, especially pre-school riders on balance bikes. Features are designed for beginner riders and smaller wheels with the entire area designed in a way that perfectly allows them to master basic pump track movement and skill before taking on a standard sized pump track.

Learn to ride

Learn to ride.jpg

Indoor Track

The weatherproof solutions - Our hands-on construction methods allow us to create projects in small places and inside existing buildings. We can build any type of track, park, bowl, or even a jump line if the height allows for head clearance of the skilled riders. Riders and skaters like riding indoors during the wet and cold months, plus they are willing to pay a fee for this privilege.

Pump Park

Pump Parks create the allrounder platform and they can fit into any existing urban playground. Similar to a skate park, they offer a platform to learn the basics over seamless contours, providing a space with endless opportunities for creative riding when unrestricted to a directed route. They are perfect for beginners, kids and a great addition to a school playground.

Pump Park.jpg
Pump Bowl.jpg

Pump Bowl

The ultimate freestyle platform. One bowl. All wheels. Due to the asphalt surface, they are safer than a traditional "skate-bowl".

Wheelchair Track

WheelChair Track.jpg