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Types of Pump Tracks


Race Track

If it's mirroring a world stage event that you’re after then look no further. We design and build the only tracks in the UK that are sanctioned by the UCI. So if its events you have in mind, then you’re in safe hands. Of course this means that during the rest of the year the community will enjoy the countless benefits of accessing a track suitable for all skill levels and of many disciplines including skateboards (long and short), BMX, scooters, balance bikes or even inline skates. The designs allow for multiple continuous laps without rejoining the start hill, so riders are able to create the exertion desired to emulate a race.

Jump Lines

Deep breath! These are a real test of fitness for any rider, but offer an incredible training ground with consistent regular peaks to build confidence and skill. We can create descending sections within your bespoke Pump Track design and often incorporate this feature when the site is long and thin.

Jump Lines.jpg
Kids Track.jpg

Kids Track

Action-packed and safe. These are similar to our standard-sized pump track but is tailored to our smaller, younger users. We often build these with pre-school riders on balance bikes in mind.  Features are designed for beginner riders and smaller wheels, with the entire area designed in a way that perfectly allows them to master basic pump track movement and skill before taking on a standard sized pump track.

Learn to ride

If space allows a brilliant addition to your track could be a Learn to Ride area. This typically is a machine laid asphalt area with kerbstone edging. Often they include playful and colourful shapes on the ground to navigate around and coax children onto the course. We can incorporate mock road layout markings to build confidence and skill for when riding a bike on the highway becomes a reality.

Learn to ride.jpg

Indoor Track

The weatherproof solutions for the UK.  Our hands-on construction method allow us to create projects in small places and even inside existing buildings. We can build any type of track, park, bowl, or even a jump line, as long as the the height allows for head clearance. Often our facilities become revenue generating, with riders willing to pay fees to use the facility.

Pump Park

Pump Parks create the all-round platform and they fit into any existing urban playground. Similar to a skate park, they offer a platform to learn the basics over seamless contours, providing a space with endless opportunities for creative riding when unrestricted to a pre-defined route. They are perfect for beginners, kids and a great addition to a school playground.

Pump Park.jpg
Pump Bowl.jpg

Pump Bowl

The ultimate freestyle platform. One bowl. All wheels. Due to the asphalt surface, they are safer than a traditional "skate-bowl" as the surface provides a natural resistance. These large features look spectacular and we’ve seen some incredible executions from our European partners when they used as a canvas by a local street artist.

Wheelchair Track

Whilst our standard pump tracks can accommodate the varying skills of all riders, our specially commissioned All Ability Tracks have features that mean an adaptive bike or wheelchair can be ridden and used safely. Progressive yet safe features and specific additions suited to this user, will provide a fun ride.

WheelChair Track.jpg
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