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Wishawhill Wood Pump Track

The UK's first triple berm feature transformed this former wasteland into a world class facility

The Numbers.

Site Area


Track Length

1700 sqm

Build Time

12 weeks



We were the appointed sub-contractor but had sole responsibility for design and build of this epic pump track.

Consultation was required immediatley after appointment, where we presented our design and talked through the layout before finalising the feature design for the first time. This took place in the youth centre opposite site and involved much of the local community. Representatives from the youth centre, social enterprise, council and funders were all present and involved. The client was especially pleased with the step up features and large start hill area as they provided the capability of a large number of bikes on the track at any one time.

During constrution we consulted with the client on raising berms from 1.2m to 1.3m, this lead to a more attractive profile and importantly a more progressive track. We also created a corners over 180 degrees,, at the time considered too high level for many riders, but now remains synonomous with this track and has even affectionately been named the 191, after the number of degrees.

In 2019, Wishawhill Pump Track hosted the Red Bull Pump Track World UK Qualifier, which solidified its status in the UK as a track worth a visit for sure!

'The track has been a success beyond anything we might have imagined. I am always predisposed to want to see cycling in a positive light, but this has been a revelation – and the impact could not have been so great if the track wasn’t just so great to ride.'

Mike Batley CEnv MCIEEM

Development Officer
Central Scotland Green Network Trust


Reduction in anti-social behavior


Improvement in park landscape 


Host Track for 2019 Red Bull Pump Track World Champs Qualifier 


Project Gallery.

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